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Our Pool Leak Detection Process

At Austin Pro Leak, we take pool leak detection seriously, so we use the latest technology to make sure we diagnose the leak correctly the first time. Swimming pool leak detection is a two-step process which includes pressure testing and vessel testing.

Step 1 - Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is done by inducing air through the suction and return lines of the swimming pool plumbing, and closing off all other orifices of the plumbing in order to build pressure and determine if a line is broken. These lines are normally pressure tested at 20 PSI for 20 minutes to ensure an accurate test. If any of the plumbing lines are determined broken by seeing pressure loss, the break and or breaks are then located with sonar (an amplified listening device), and by listening for air and water escaping the pipe underground. Other methods of locating broken plumbing include helium gas detection, pipe camera inspection, and more.

Step 2 - Vessel Testing

Vessel testing includes an up close die test and inspection around lights skimmers, wall fittings, side drains, and structural cracks. Vessel leaks are determined by die being forced from the pool due to static water pressure, also known as water weight.

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