Pool Leak Repair

Swimming Pool Leak Repair in Austin, TX

Grout Removal and Replacement - We use a combination of polymer and epoxy mixed with our grout that gives it an increased life span over standard grouts.

Under Ground PVC Repair - Specializing in precision excavation and underground PVC repair.

Crack Repair - Soil conditions in central Texas have allowed for expansion in pools across the state. We specialize in the stabilization of repair and cracks using our mud jacking technique.

Pool Shell Leveling - Our specialized cement pressurizing equipment known as mud jacking can reset the level of your pool sometimes to the original horizon, void filling below decks and other areas as well. We have years of foundation experience.

Leak Repair of any type - Don't let pool putty be the solution to your problem...We use materials designed to repair the problem better than new.

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