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Residential Swimming Pool Leak Detection

A swimming pool leak should not be a difficult problem to resolve. We have a permanent solution for every type of water loss. We are respectful of your property, and strive to deliver a stress free inspection and repair. Pressure and structural testing are included in your leak detection.

We offer full service residential leak detection and repair for Pools and Spas in and around Austin. If you have a small pool leak, the best thing you can do is have it looked at quickly before it becomes a larger problem. Currently we are offering free pool leak detection as long as we also do the repair! When you have us complete the leak repair, the detection fee is applied to the repair. Learn more about Residential Leak Detection 

Commercial Pool Leak Detection

Commercial pools, waterparks, large swimming pools, lazy rivers, multiple pools connected, slides and specialty rides. Austin Pro Leak has located and repaired leaks in waterparks and large scale pools across the state. We offer full service commercial leak detection and repair for Pools and Spas in Austin and around Central Texas. Find out more about our Commercial Pool Leak Detection.

Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Once you have detected a pool leak, the next step is getting it repaired as soon as possible. In the summer months a bad pool leak can cost hundreds of dollars on your water bill every month, so getting that leak repaired quickly is imperative. It's also important to approach the issue quickly because a small pool leak can turn into a large leak which is harder to repair. Find out more about our swimming pool leak repair.

Pre Home Buyer Swimming Pool Inspection

Purchasing a home with a pool is something that should not be taken lightly, pools can be the source of an expense that could be known up front.

A full leak detection combined with a test of the equipment and its construction will allow the buyer to have a 3D view of the pool they are purchasing. This service has saved our customers thousands of dollars. Learn about our Pre Home Buyer Pool Inspection.

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